The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

I have been having a very hard time with my writing lately. Every time I sit down to write this week, I either lacked the motivation and focus to bang out a post, or I’d just straight up hit a wall of horrible writers block. I have a master list of blog ideas that I usually look at and can’t choose where to start because I have too much to say about each topic! However, this week I couldn’t decide what to choose because I felt like I have absolutely nothing to say. It’s been frustrating the hell out of me and I’ve been trying not to beat myself up about it by practicing self care (which has been expensive ?? but don’t tell my boyfriend).  So I decided instead of not posting anything at all this week and continuing to let the writers block control me, I figured I would just sit down this morning and write everything down that’s been on my mind. I said I wanted to be more open and honest, and I meant it. This blog is meant for me to share my life – my real life – and that includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. So here goes.

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My Six Month Anniversary Weekend in Photos

This past weekend was my 6 month anniversary with Dylan. I know most people don’t celebrate six month anniversaries, but this is my first relationship! All the “small” milestones are magnified to me. So, we celebrated by going to Smith Tower and Seafair.

Due to current general busy-ness in my real life, I decided to take a break from writing this week. However, I still want to share my anniversary weekend activities with you, my followers, so I can maintain that balance of staying connected both on line and in the present moment. What better way to do so than by sharing photos from the weekend because, after all, photos are worth a thousand words, and those that aren’t have a caption.

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