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My Six Month Anniversary Weekend in Photos

This past weekend was my 6 month anniversary with Dylan. I know most people don’t celebrate six month anniversaries, but this is my first relationship! All the “small” milestones are magnified to me. So, we celebrated by going to Smith Tower and Seafair.

Due to current general busy-ness in my real life, I decided to take a break from writing this week. However, I still want to share my anniversary weekend activities with you, my followers, so I can maintain that balance of staying connected both on line and in the present moment. What better way to do so than by sharing photos from the weekend because, after all, photos are worth a thousand words, and those that aren’t have a caption.

Smith Tower
In fancy attire drinking fancy drinks.
Beautiful view of Seattle…


Chilling in a “Wishing Chair”
“Sometimes myth is more powerful than truth.”
I adore this flower, if anyone knows what type it is please share in the comments!!
When you tweet a picture of yourself saying “#yeahyoucan” to get a free reusable bag and a rainbow beaded necklace.
Dylan and I played Giant Jenga curtesy of Tito’s Vodka, and then promptly left before the game was even over because we decided we weren’t about to clean a mess up.
We learned Dylan is not very good at putt putt golf.
Thank you Tito’s, please sponsor me.
That feeling when you get Budweiser shoelaces, cards, keychains, and beads all for free and in abundance.
I also got a Blue Angels hat (and Seafair 2017 pin) because that was without a doubt the coolest part of Seafair.
Cheers to us


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