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Nothing in Particular

Over the last few years I’ve attempted several times to start a blog. More specifically, a food blog. I love eating, I’m an amazing cook, and I know how to talk about food beyond “omg this tastes so good.” However, restricting myself to only write about food, in hindsight, was not the best idea.

I have a hard time starting projects that I want to do for myself. Over the course of my life I have accumulated many projects that have never really formed into what I intended them to be. I have a sewing machine, DJ equipment, a guitar, a sushi mat, knitting supplies, a yoga mat, two foam rollers, a plethora of barely started video games, a beach cruiser bicycle (I don’t even go outside)… If I put all these things on eBay today I could list them as “like new.” It’s a problem and I’m aware of it.

My main issue with starting new things is most likely due to fears, but also because I start projects with no direction. For the food blogs, I couldn’t figure out “my brand,” I couldn’t decided if I wanted to post recipes, and I couldn’t refrain from making a corny food pun every other sentence. I consider food to be a passion of mine, so I totally thought I was going down the right path!

Almost three years later, though, I have not launched a food blog beyond the Instagram I created to display all the food I would talk about if I had a blog. So, I’m scrapping it.

I’ve come to realize that what I’m truly passionate about – and why I attempted a food blog in the first place – is writing. I consider myself a fairly good writer, but I feel I need improvement and practice makes perfect.

“Okay get to the point, Debra. What is this blog all about?” Well, for now, nothing in particular. Just me in real life (irl)!!! My anxiety is currently unable to cope with rules for something I’ve created with intention to practice my skills. I’m trying to find my writing voice and I have things to say sometimes, so here I am.

To quote a song I first heard back in 2000 listening to Now That’s What I Call Music Vol. 4 (the first CD I ever owned) that has stuck with me and loops in my mind every time things don’t work out according to plan:

If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.


Over the last week I’ve had much hesitation about doing this blog due to the personal shame I have over my past “failed” attempts. But, today is a new year (perfect timing) so I’m dusting all that off me and just trying again. (#RIPAaliyah??)

If you’re still here with me reading this, I appreciate you and your support. Especially if you supported my other blogs, regardless of their infinite status as “coming soon.”

Since I’m not “making rules,” I’m not making myself a strict schedule of when to expect posts, at least not right now as I get this started. If you want to know when I post something, follow me on social media @debrairl so you don’t miss a thing. Or you can just bookmark this blog and obsessively check back… whatever fits your fancy, I’m with it! ?

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