My Six Month Anniversary Weekend in Photos

This past weekend was my 6 month anniversary with Dylan. I know most people don’t celebrate six month anniversaries, but this is my first relationship! All the “small” milestones are magnified to me. So, we celebrated by going to Smith Tower and Seafair.

Due to current general busy-ness in my real life, I decided to take a break from writing this week. However, I still want to share my anniversary weekend activities with you, my followers, so I can maintain that balance of staying connected both on line and in the present moment. What better way to do so than by sharing photos from the weekend because, after all, photos are worth a thousand words, and those that aren’t have a caption.

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“Micro-studios”: A Review

   As I stated in my Back in Seattle post, I live in a “micro-studio.” What’s a micro-studio? It’s a studio apartment, but way smaller than the studio you just visualized. Way, way smaller.  They’re also sometimes known as “apodments” in Seattle, after one of the realty brands (not the one I rent from) that exclusively rent out micro-studios.  I call my place “The Pod” so I can say Dylan and I are two D’s in a Pod (*ba dum tsss*). Essentially, I live in a 180 square foot room equipped with a bed, a closet, a desk, a sink, a separated bathroom with a toilet and standing shower, and a communal kitchen.  Remember when you were in college and lived in a dorm? Yeah, same.

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Back in Seattle

I have officially been back in Seattle for a week and Monet and I are all settled into my “microstudio” and thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Excited to chronicle this new chapter of my life, I am starting by reflecting on this past seven days and the four years I lived in Seattle before.

Let me start this off with a bit about how I experienced Seattle before moving back to LA two years ago. I want to admit the things that were hard for me, as most of my friends and family heard me go on and on about them. Few worry about my return due to some of these factors; but, I just see things differently now so I’m not anticipating the same “Debbie Downer” feelings I had before.

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